** Bea Mayle **

Welcome to the homepage of the artist Bettina Maschmeyer!




She has painted herself into the hearts of many people since 1989!
She fuses her two passions: Art and helping children in need!

She started teaching herself to paint after a severe illness and sold her first paintings under the pseudonym Bea Mayle to allow herself greater anonymity.

Today - 20 years later - she is a self-confident and widely acclaimed artist and every work of art that she projects from her heart to the canvass goes towards helping children - the most vulnerable members of our society! All of the profits of her work are used for projects for children in need!

Browse through a selection of her artwork and take your time!!!

Artist’s quotation: “The honesty to do good and to make the light of others shine is limitless!"



Art Exhibition M BECK Galery - Germany - 77770 Durbach 02.06 - 27.06.2019