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Peintre Nice
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The artist Bettina Maschmeyer is a woman of many facets and talents, with strong emotions and deep-running human energy which she uses to help others unsparingly.
Her life is focused on two big issues: Unconditional support for children in need and her devotion to painting.
After a very severe bout of cancer in 1989 she teaches herself to paint, experimenting with many different kinds of materials. Her first paintings were dark and light was used only sporadically, but as she manages to control her malicious illness, her work becomes brighter, more optimistic and more vibrant. Her unbridled “joie de vivre” returns. Bettina Maschmeyer discovers and develops her own personal endearing style in art.

In 1988 she founds the company AWD with her husband Carsten Maschmeyer. Through a lot of hard work and commitment they turn it into a large company.
But Bettina Maschmeyer has always kept her eyes wide open and never turns away from the darker side of life. She is dedicated body and soul to several children´s aid projects. By 1991 she is a devoted mother of two and has co-founded the foundation known as « Stiftung Zuversicht für Kinder » (Foundation Hope for Children). As a member of the board of trustees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland she is often called upon to lead the way with her decision-making.


Peinture Nice

Bettina is a very visual person. She perceives everything very intensely. She is passionate about decoration and has already decorated several breathtaking apartments and houses. Every object has its own personal touch. She uses her unfailing intuition to create perfect harmony between colours, forms and the people who live there.

She has always tried to follow her own direction and not to mix her art with her professional and family life. Despite these modest reservations Bettina Maschmeyer has constantly created new works of art and organised numerous private viewings which have been attended by many enthusiastic visitors. People who have the highest respect for her and her selfless work. She is not aiming to profit from the sale of her paintings. She donates all the revenues to children in need and she personally visits her projects in the third world to make a difference on the ground.

Bettina Maschmeyer was born in Nigeria in 1963 and grew up there. She is the youngest of a large German family. Her father was a surgeon and worked in Nigeria for many years which is how she came to experience the divisions between rich and poor at a young age. Having grown up she turned her childhood experiences into her vocation. Her vocation is to help those who have nobody else to stand up for them and who quickly tend to be forgotten. Bettina‘s strength comes from a unique mixture: Intelligence and a big heart. Although she could easily belong to the jet set, this means nothing to her. She seeks out life’s real challenges, she likes the feeling of being needed by others and has always wanted to do something that makes sense: To conjure a smile on the faces of children who have already been through unbearable suffering.


Her paintings are pure emotion. The revenue from the sale of her paintings saves many young lives. Happy children, a more just world, this is Bettina’s wish.